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Viewsonic gTablet – A tablet that won’t break your bank

Posted on 17 February 2011 by Michael

Viewsonic gTablet

Tablets are all the rage these days. Seems like every bodies got one. With some tablets costing as much as a laptop, finding one that won’t break your bank is more important then ever.

…and that’s where the Viewsonic gTablet comes in. This inexpensive tablet is a welcome alternative to some pricier models out there whose major selling point is their brand name.

Crisp and Vibrant Display

With a 10.1″ crisp and vibrant Touchscreen display, it’s screen size is large and pretty¬† enough that it makes reading your favorite magazine a joy. You can share photos, videos and music with your friends and family. Weighing in at 1.5lbs this tablet is light enough to take anywhere. The buttons are easily accessible. Some users have complained about seeing their fingerprints smeared all over the touch screen. A simple wipe down with a cotton cloth solves that problem.

It comes with  Android 2.2 (Google Voice Search / Google Maps / Microsoft Exchange integration)


  • 10.1″ Display
  • 1GHz ARM Cortez-A9 Processor
  • Android 2.2
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • 512MB DDR2
  • 1080p video playback processor
  • 1.3 megapixel camera

Price $399.99

Get more pics and info here

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