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NOOKcolor eBook Tablet

Posted on 16 March 2011 by Michael

I’ve used the NOOKcolor eBook tablet and thought, for the price, it gives you all the benefits of a tablet computer at a fraction of the cost of some more powerful tablets out there. You can surf the web, read your favorite book or browse your favorite magazine and with a rich vibrant 7 inch color display, your magazines come to electronic life in the palm of your hand. While not exactlybuilt for power tablet users, this thing should be able to keep casual users happy and coming back to read more.

One of it’s best features is its size. It’s dimensions are about the size of a medium sized novel and weighs in at a mere 2 lbs, so its small enough to comfortably carry anywhere. Going on a long trip? Take your NOOKcolor with you and carry as much as you can read in a single compact tablet.

Choose from a wide variety


  • 7 inch color touchscreen display
  • Wi-Fi
  • Read magazines in rich, vibrant color
  • Over 2 million titles available

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