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Barebones build it yourself kit for $200

Posted on 28 April 2011 by Michael


A greater starter kit to learn how to build your own computer.


If you’re looking to get into building your own computers, and you want an inexpensive kit that won’t crash and burn after a few months, you might as well check out this barebones build it yourself kit from Tigerdirect. It comes with an ATX-mid size tower, 2 Gigs if RAM, a 500 Gig hard drive and and AMD Phenom X4 processor with a 450 Watt power supply all included. Not bad for around $200.

This system, once built, will be more than sufficient for browsing the web, checking email, hooking up a Unix box and tinkering around with, you know, the basic computing stuff.

Get more info on this system at TigerDirect.

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