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The Apple iMac MC814LL/A 27-Inch Desktop

Posted on 20 October 2011 by Michael

The all new iMac

Looks like Apple is trying to do for it’s new iMacs what it did for phones and tablets. That is turn it into a stylish all in one computer system that fits in the palm of your hand, or in this case on your desktop.

These new iMacs have one thing in mind. Reduce the clutter of the now soon to be obsolete desktop systems that take up almost 30% of our desk spaces as is it. I say obsolete because if Apples recent history with electronics is any indication, these new iMacs are almost sure to bring about a new wave of consumers clamoring for these new devices.

HP is already an unlucky casualty in the tablet department. Could Gateway and Dell be next?

The new iMacs come with all the goodies of past PC systems all wrapped up in one monitor. No more towers to hide. It’s compact wide screen let’s you see everything on the monitor and on your desk. While the price is higher then traditional PC’s that’s to be expected from the company that single handedly popularized MP3 players like they had never been popularized before. Can they do the same with these new iMacs? Only time will tell.

Apple iMac MC814LL/A 27-Inch Desktop

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