Do Tablets mean the end of the Laptop?

Alright, let me come out and say it. Tablet computers are not, I repeat, NOT, going to replace laptops anytime soon, and here’s why.

Tablets are perfect for reading under a tree in the park, or watching the game while at church. Just kidding.


First, and most importantly power. Just like cars, a computer needs a fast powerful processor to do what you need it to do quickly and without lag. Without that power, you’ll be sitting there for hours on end waiting for your computer to save your 5000 word essay you spent the last 10 hours writing. Tablet processors are roughly equivalent to computers from the late 90’s. Yeah, remember those? Remember how painstakingly slow they were? Imagine trying to edit photos, or play the latest edition of Call of Duty on one of them computers. Just see how long it takes before you throw it out the nearest window.

Second, lack of keyboard. How much of a pain in the you know what is it to type to your friends or even type in a web address. Unless you’ve got superhuman eye finger coordination, usually relegated to those under the age of 21, typing any documents of any great length will give you a major case of carpal tunnel syndrome and one hell of a headache.

Laptops are great for work and play, but when it comes to portability, you can't beat tablets.

Third, size. Even a 15 inch display on the majority of laptops is still roughly twice the size of any tablet computers. Try staring at a tablet for any longer then 45 minutes and tell me how your eyes feel. If they’re not bulging red ready to pop out of your eye socket, then you obviously weren’t staring at it for the full 45 minutes.

While tablet computers are a cool device relegated to the average computer user, and I use the term computer user very lightly, the majority of people who need to perform real work on will find these things useless. Here’s a rule. Tablets are perfect for casual web browsing, TV and movie watching, or book and magazine reading. You can’t beat the tablets in terms of portability. Laptops on the other hand are for just about everything else, whether it be work or play.

So yes laptops are safe for now and should in no way fear being replaced by tablets, at least not in the near future. If the netbooks couldn’t take them out, tablets won’t come anywhere close.

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