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Barebones build it yourself kit for $200

Posted on 28 April 2011 by Michael


A greater starter kit to learn how to build your own computer.


If you’re looking to get into building your own computers, and you want an inexpensive kit that won’t crash and burn after a few months, you might as well check out this barebones build it yourself kit from Tigerdirect. It comes with an ATX-mid size tower, 2 Gigs if RAM, a 500 Gig hard drive and and AMD Phenom X4 processor with a 450 Watt power supply all included. Not bad for around $200.

This system, once built, will be more than sufficient for browsing the web, checking email, hooking up a Unix box and tinkering around with, you know, the basic computing stuff.

Get more info on this system at TigerDirect.

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Build it yourself: AMD VISION Premium Barebone PC

Posted on 12 February 2011 by Michael

This barebone system comes equipped with a Quad Core AMD II X4 chip running at 2.8GHz speed with a ATI Radeon HD 5450 complete with 1GB of RAM. It’s powerful enough to handle your basic every day duties while popping in a Blu-Ray movie in the background. My only concern is the 350 Watt power supply that comes included.

Personally I’d like a little bit more beefier PS but that’s just me. You can always swap it out if need more oomph. The case included looks pretty cool. It’s a red ATX Mid-Tower case from Cooler Master.


  • MSI 785GM-P45 Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon II X4 630 Quad Core processor
  • ATI Radeon HD 5450 Video Card
  • Mid Tower Case

Price $299.99

Buy Now

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MSI 785GTM-E45 AMD QuadCore Barebones Kit

Posted on 10 February 2011 by Michael

You can’t beat the price. For $300 you get a pretty nice system good for web browsing, emailing, and general everyday computing use. If you’ve never built a computer before, this is a good package to get your feet wet. Not a bad set-up for the price.

With a 1TB hard drive, 2gigs of Ram, and a quad core processor, this kit is adequate enough for basic everyday use.


  • AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor
  • 2048 DDR2
  • 1TB Seagate Barricuda Low Power hard drive
  • ATX Mid tower case
  • 500W power supply

Price $299.99

Get it now at TigerDirect


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