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The Samsung Galaxy 4 is out, are you impressed?

Posted on 16 March 2013 by Michael


So I guess the next and greatest (insert name of never ending new version of gadget here) is out and blah blah blah. Look, I have nothing against new things but just because a company comes out with a new version of a product it just came out with a new version of less than a year earlier, doesn’t mean I’m going to be jumping up and down, peeing myself over said new product.

The latest company to come out with their latest product is Samsung, releasing their new Galaxy, wait for it, S4 smartphone. This is the part where you go Oooo and Ahhh and start peeing yourself as you run out the door to buy your new phone.

New things are great and yes they even smell awesome, but what’s up with all these new phones being released every few months with minimal upgrades that hardly justify the release of an entirely new version.

Whether it be Apple, Samsung or, well, really just those two companies lately, this infatuation with “new” every few months induces just a tiny bit of vomit in my mouth every time the hype machine builds.

Not that I’m putting the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line of products down. I love my Galaxy S2 and it does everything I need it to do. I don’t need to go buy a new one every few months when a new version comes up for sale. Nor could I even afford to.

And what does the Galaxy S4 have that my S2 doesn’t? Bigger screen? High pixel camera? If only you could see the hand jerking motion I’m making with my fist.

No, I will not go out and get me a new S4 because my S2 is still awesome and does what I need it to do. When it breaks then yes I will go out and get me a new phone. By then I’m sure the S4 will be obsolete by geek standards and the S10 will be the newest and greatest thing since sliced bread. And then I’ll be talking shit about that version too.

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