Book Review: Make: Electronics

Posted on 13 December 2012 by Michael


I’ve always been fascinated with electronic gadgets. From my early childhood days of watching MacGyver use his trusty red Swiss army pocket knife to jimmy some kind of electronic device to get him out of any life threatening predicament, to my adult life of building computers, I’ve always been drawn towards learning all things electronics.

I’ve always used O’Reilly when learning about computers and programming. From PHP to HTML, O’Reilly has put out some really great how to books for the class room challenged.

So when I found the O’Reilly book, “Make: Electronics”, written by Charles Platt, at my local book store, I immediately browsed through it. Now normally I’m a huge proponent of supporting your local book stores, whether they be Borders or the standard run of the mill mom and pop shop, but I gotta be honest. I snapped a pic of the cover and then went home and bought the book from Amazon, saving me about $10 in the process. Whether you chose to shop a traditional book store or go through an online store is up to you.


Now all that being said I gotta say Make: Electronics does for learning electronics what all their programming books do for learning, well programming. It’s basically a step by step how to book that you the basics of electronics. You start from the bottom building a simple battery powered LED circuit to building your very own robot cart.

The book gives you clear and concise instructions as to what tools you’ll need for each project, where to get those tools and a step by step photo process holding you by the hand as to how to complete each project. Even if you don’t know your amps from your volts, after reading this book you will.

If you’re the type of individual who learns best by reading and by hands on doing, and you’ve always wanted to enter the world of home made electronic gadgets, then Make: Electronics makes for a great learning resource to get you on your way to being the MacGyver of your home. And who doesn’t love a Macgyver.

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