Samsung Galaxy Note

Posted on 07 March 2012 by Michael

I gotta admit, that Samsung Superbowl commercial introducing the world to the new Galaxy Note had me laughing off my ass. Of course I laugh at anything that comes at the expense of  Apple fanatics, but we’ll save that for another discussion.

So what did you think? Are you sold on the idea of a mid level tablet/smartphone the size of a laptop hard drive? Or are you burning brain cells trying to figure out just how in the hell this thing will fit in your pocket and to what effect your keys will have on it’s bright and shiny surface?

Personally I love the product. I don’t even mind it’s obnoxious size. As cool as Clint Eastwood made squinting, im a little bit tired at staring at those tiny iPhone screens. The Galaxy Note will be a welcome break.

What do you guys think about the Galaxy Note and it’s size?

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