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Shopping for a used computer? Try the flea market

Posted on 11 August 2011 by Michael

If you’re in the market for a not so new computer, in other words used, why not try your local flea market? That’s right. A flea market could be a great place to get a decent used computer.

Sure you could go online like on Craigslist and do it that way, but in my opinion, the flea market could be just as good if not better. With a flea market you get an abundance of selection and you can probably negotiate a great price on whatever computer rig you find.

I once found a decent little machine at a flea market for $10.  I just had to add a hard drive and that was it. I installed Freebsd on it and it now serves as a great little test box. Of course it’s processing power is pretty slow, it takes all day to download and compile software, but for what I paid, it was a great deal.

Just keep this in mind when shopping flea markets for your next desktop. Some used computers you find may need some opening up and swapping out of parts. If you are handy with tools and not afraid of swapping out some memory or a bad hard drive, then you should have no problem. If that’s not something you are willing or ableto do, you might wanna head over to Fry’s and get a new computer. But if you don’t mind changing some stuff out then go ahead and see what you can get.

Oh and you also wanna make sure it comes with a working operating system, but of course you could also pick up an old copy of Windows XP for $50 and install it yourself.

So all in all, if you’re not afraid of opening up a case and changing some things out,  the flea market can be a great place to find a computer. Buy a churro and an ICEE and you’re all set.

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