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Take The Pain Out Of Computing, Get A Real Chair

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Take The Pain Out Of Computing, Get A Real Chair

Posted on 09 June 2011 by Michael

Any nerd worth his weight in wireless keyboards will tell you that the crappiest thing about being on a computer all day everyday are those annoying kinks and pains we get in our shoulders, back, wrist, elbows and any other assorted body parts.

That’s where learning about ergonomics (the study of designing stuff to fit perfectly with the human body in a way that doesn’t cause us pain) can come in real handy. Ergonomics is not something most people who use computers in their daily work  pay much attention too until it’s too late and we incur some sort of repetitive use injury, which itself can be a real pain in the ass.

So what do you do?

Well you learn about ergonomics and follow some basic ergonomic tips like sitting with your back  straight up and down, keeping your forearms and wrist in one straight line parallel to the floor and keeping your head up and neck straight eyes forward, which may mean raising your monitor to keep your head in that position.

One thing that really helps  is getting a great chair that supports your back and provides lower lumbar support. Never underestimate the value of a great chair when it comes to keeping you healthy and staying in front of your computer instead of a hospital bed.

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